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  • #1 pay-as-you go web hosting in the world
  • Unlimited scalable web hosting
  • Multiple datacenter locations in one account

Ultra Fast Web Hosting

  • 100% SSDs
  • 100% of MySQL cached in RAM
  • Pre-compiled PHP

Free Bonuses

  • LetsEncrypt SSL certificates
  • SEO Hosting
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Price Calculator

Standard WordPress site
Heavy Wordpress with 500 posts
E-shop with 500 products
Three WordPress websites
primary domains
web and e-mail data MB
database data MB
You will not pay for unused data.Monthly:

Pay-as-you-go is the most fair web hosting pricing for everybody. Do you only use a little? Pay a little. Do you have tens of gigabytes of data? Pay a bit more without dealing with VPS and sysadmins.

You pay only for the number of domains and storage used, so you always know how much you will pay.

unit price per day
primary domains
10-40 domains
40+ domains
piece $0.066
web and e-mail data
10-40 GB
40+ GB
GB $0.030
database data
1-2 GB
2+ GB
GB $0.180
bandwidth FREE
domain aliases, subdomains and redirected domains FREE
e-mails FREE
backups FREE

How pay-as-you-go works

Pay as you go web hosting
You buy $10 credits.
Your account credit will be adjusted each day according to your actual usage.
When your credit gets low, we will send you an email notification.

Explore our advanced technology

You will not find all these features anywhere else.


Unlimited scalable web hosting

Need more CPU or RAM? No problem. Each domain you add to your account increases the CPU and RAM dedicated to you. This way, you will never need a VPS. See our video how it works.

Auto installers

Select from more than 150 site builders like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Typo3, PrestaShop, Magento, PhpBB, LimeSurvey, Piwigo.

100% of MySQL cached in RAM

Almost everybody uses SSDs. But only pay-as-you-go web hosting companies can cache all your MySQL data in RAM for extreme speed.

Pre-compiled PHP

Most commonly accessed PHP scripts are pre-compiled and cached in RAM, so the PHP compiler does not need to compile them on each page load. The result is a faster page load.

Multiple datacenter locations in one account

You can host one web site in Asia and the other in Europe or even add another in the USA. All within one single PayPerHost account!

Backups every 4 hours

We really take care of your data. In fact, we do backups every 4 hours and store them for 14 days. We also guarantee End-to-end data protection against bit rot.

LetsEncrypt SSL certificates

SSL encrypted web sites rank better in search engines. This is why we give free SSL certificate to every web site.

SEO Hosting

Please see our dedicated SEO hosting page.

FREE 3 days trial period. No credit card needed.

No hidden fees
No teaser prices
No overselling
No ads
No up-selling

Pay as you go web hosting FAQ

How can you offer such a low price for premium web hosting?

It's really not impossible to deliver lower prices for better services. How we do it?

We are efficient in what we do.
We need much less support staff then our competitors. Our service is simple, intuitive and highly automated.
We pay our affiliates a reasonable 20%. Some of our competitors pay more than 50%.
We made our software in-house and we own high efficiency hardware.

Is the price predictable?

You are in full control of all the parameters that you are being charged for: such as number of domains and data used.

We do not charge for things you cannot control, such as bandwidth.

My web site uses 100GB of space. Can I use PayPerHost?

Absolutely yes.

You probably already know that no other shared hosting will allow you this much data. If you want to avoid hassles with VPS or a dedicated server, we will be more than happy to offer you our pay as you go web hosting. Be sure to check out our volume discounts.

How do I register a domain?

Send us an email to and we will register the domain for you for $15 and configure it to work with our service. Currently this is a manual process on our end and soon it will be available within your PayPerHost account.

What are multi hosting and primary domains?

Because our web hosting is pay as you go, you can have as many domains, subdomains, domain aliases and redirected domains in your account as you like.

Subdomains, domain aliases and redirected domains are free. All other domains are considered primary domains.

Why does data for databases cost more than data for web and email?

We guarantee that all of your MySQL data sits in RAM which is 20 times faster than SSD. RAM is also much more expensive, so the price has to be a bit higher.

But do not worry, our monthly web hosting price is most probably much lower than our competitors and you have the full speed of our RAM at your disposal.

Where exactly are your datacenters located?

We pick our datacenter locations very carefully, so we can offer the best strategic locations for you.

For the Americas we have a facility in Miami, which offer very fast connections to both North and South America.
In the European Union we located our servers in the center of Europe - Bratislava.
For Asia and Australia we have servers in a Singapore data center.

Do you support Python or Ruby On Rails(ROR hosting)?

No, we currently support only PHP. But hey, shoot us an email so your vote will count.

Can I change php.ini?

Yes you can change some of the settings in tools menu in admin panel. Please contact our support if you need something more.

media logos

Technical info

Web server:

PHP 7.4, PHP 5.6 and Apache 2.4 (USA & Europe)
PHP 7.0 and Apache 2.4 (Asia)
100% of data stored on fast SSD drives
Most PHP files precompiled in RAM
All linux UTF-8 locales
SFTP for managing files on default port 22
99.99% uptime guarantee
Unlimited PHP processes

memory_limit: Unlimited. Per PHP process: 256MB
upload_max_filesize & post_max_size: 128MB
max_execution_time: 300
max_input_vars: 9000


MySQL 5.6
100% of data stored on fast SSD drives
100% of data cached in RAM
Access via phpMyAdmin and direct access upon request

E-mail server:

RoundCube Webmail
Catchall email account
Filters (resend, respond ...)
Automatic anti spam
Automatic e-mail client configuration

The savings are unreal! Add fast loading pages, the SEO benefits, and awesome support, and I can say I made a very smart decision to move from a managed service to PayPerHost.

5 -

Our business requires multiple web sites globally. Only PayPerHost delivered the promise of affordable web hosting with SEO/speed optimizations and option to choose server location.

5 -

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FREE 3 days trial period. No credit card needed.

Pay as you go web hosting

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