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Data Centers

Mailing Address

Intertune, Inc
5663 Balboa Avenue #379
San Diego, CA 92111

Technical info

Web server:

PHP 7.4, PHP 5.6 and Apache 2.4 (USA & Europe)
PHP 7.0 and Apache 2.4 (Asia)
100% of data stored on fast SSD drives
Most PHP files precompiled in RAM
All linux UTF-8 locales
SFTP for managing files on default port 22
99.99% uptime guarantee
Unlimited PHP processes

memory_limit: Unlimited. Per PHP process: 256MB
upload_max_filesize & post_max_size: 128MB
max_execution_time: 300
max_input_vars: 9000


MySQL 5.6
100% of data stored on fast SSD drives
100% of data cached in RAM
Access via phpMyAdmin and direct access upon request

E-mail server:

RoundCube Webmail
Catchall email account
Filters (resend, respond ...)
Automatic anti spam
Automatic e-mail client configuration

Refer your friends and receive 20% of what they spend in their first 12 months. Affiliate agreement
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